Dentistry During Covid-19

As you are likely aware, dental practices that were able to stay open and service dental emergencies during this COVID-19 pandemic played a critical role in supporting our local hospitals and healthcare system as a whole. Dentists were not only critical in helping to preserve precious capacity at emergency rooms across the country, but they also played a vital role in helping to preserve resources like PPE, which were desperately needed by frontline physicians and nurses to treat COVID-19 and other medical emergencies. Beyond dental emergencies, however, the importance of one’s oral healthcare in relation to their overall health, especially those receiving treatment for systemic conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and more, cannot be overstated. Dental care, as we have demonstrated both prior to and during this entire pandemic, is necessary and safe.

With that being said, I am writing to you today to share a video that I created recently with my dear friend, Dr. Georges Benjamin. I ask that you please watch this video and share it amongst your fellow team members and colleagues as the timing of this initiative is most compelling.