Cavity pHighter Webinar Series Part I – Dr. Tony Hashemian (On Demand)

FREE CE CREDIT Speaker(s): Dr. Tony Hashemian Get access for free at
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Dentistry Uncensored 506

Public Health, Leadership, and Dentistry with Jack Dillenberg : Dentistry Uncensored

Speaker(s): Howard Farran and Dr. Jack Dillenberg DDS, MPH Join the discussion on Dentaltown at
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Colgate Integrated Healthcare

Integrating Oral Health Into Primary Care Requires More Than Just Treatment Planning!

Speaker(s): Dr. Jack Dillenberg DDS, MPH This unique program will discuss issues and recommendations for integrating oral health into primary care. This includes suggestions that will assist you in engaging…
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Innovative Solutions for Common Problems

Innovative solutions for common problems to achieve optimal oral health

Speaker(s): Dr Tony Hashemian, DDS Dr. Tony Hashemian, DDS is an international speaker and Associate Dean for Global Oral Health and Assistant Professor at Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health…
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Connected Body

Past ASDOH Dean Dr. Jack Dillenberg is speaking at the Connected Body Symposium

Speaker(s): Dr. Jack Dillenberg DDS, MPH We all need to talk. Because it’s all connected. By developing interdisciplinary referral sources aimed at addressing the oral-systemic link, we can bridge the…
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Dentist Money Show

How Dental Marketing is Changing Podcast

Speaker(s): Dr Tony Hashemian, DDS Are you sending the right signals to your market? Do you have a clear strategy for client retention? In this WRDC edition of Dentist Money™, Reese…
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Skills Beyond the Drill

The Skills Beyond the Drill

Speaker(s): Dr. Jack Dillenberg DDS, MPH They will understand the need for oral health services for those at risk and those with special needs. A good leader will create positive…
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Win Patient Trust

Win your patients’ trust through innovative Oral Health mobile applications

Speaker(s): Dr Tony Hashemian, DDS Learning Objectives discuss potential advantages provided by healthcare apps for patient oral and systemic health discuss research that supports the use of text-based health messaging describe…
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Introducing Text2Floss

Dr. Tony Hashemian introducing Text2Floss

Speaker(s): Tony Hashemian, DDS Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health explicándonos en resumen la App Text2 Floss
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text 2 floss on issuu

SAA Webinar Series: TEXT2FLOSS

Speaker(s): Dr Tony Hashemian, DDS Tony Hashemian, DDS, Associate Dean, Global Oral Health A. T. Still University Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health presents TEXT2FLOSS- the initiative to raise awareness…
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