The Health of Your Mouth

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Discover these great apps for your phone to help track and improve your dental health!

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What Can Your Saliva Tell You About Your Health?

PH2OH technology enables saliva to be used as a window into the body are being explored for their ability to detect disease and monitor our health.

All you have to do is take a picture of your litmus paper strip and our app does the work for you. You can save data entries in our log to see your progress.


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App for iPhone/iPad

Our iPhone app is designed to capture the pH value for a patient. The app can manually set the pH value, or you can take a picture of a test strip and auto-calculate the value. Once set the app will allow you to save the data and track improvements to oral pH over time.

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Promoting Postitive Oral Behaviors Through Innovative Global Oral Health Solutions

Text2Floss sends you text message reminders encouraging healthy oral habits. As you text back replies, you can track and view your oral health care progress using the My Text2Floss Flossing Report—a useful tool for improving the health of your teeth and gums between dental visits.

You can also receive notifications about important dental-related issues such as remembering to take premedication prior to a dental appointment and reducing stress. Check out the flossing timer to listen to music while taking care of your mouth and building better oral habits.


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App for iPhone/iPad & Android!

The premier oral health management app in the App Store, Text2Floss is an innovative tool that helps adults achieve better dental checkups, and is perfect for children and teens to help them develop good oral hygiene habits.

Text2Floss is now available in four languages, with German most recently added to English, Spanish and Arabic.